Screen Shot 2017-08-30 at 15.20.21Welcome to the official website of Dr. Yousef M. Alshammari. 

Dr. Alshammari is a research scientist and a G20 Young Global Changer, working on tackling the world’s most critical energy challenges. His research focuses on low carbon energy technologies, energy transition scenarios, energy access, energy-water nexus, climate change mitigation, and technology-economics-policy interface. He is an alumnus of Imperial College London where he worked on designing innovative processes for underground gasification of hydrocarbons. He has also worked at OPEC and the IAEA on designing future scenarios for the utilisation of heavy fuel oil and nuclear production of Hydrogen for refining applications. He is currently a principal researcher at the University of Vienna, designing new scenarios for effective and economic integration of clean energy technologies to meet climate targets without jeopardising social welfare, and economic growth.

Dr. Alshammari attending the G20 Think Summit as a Young Global Changer 

The key feature of his work is combining technology and economics to design better energy policies. His research has been published at top Elsevier energy journals, and he recently won the World Energy Congress prize for Top20 research papers for his work on the cost-effective integration of CO2 capture under low oil prices. His research profile is already tracked by Google Scholar and his research attracted funding from governments, industry, academia, and think-tanks including KAUST, King Faisal Centre for Research and Islamic Studies, and OPEC. He was also the Leader of Studies Committee of Future Energy Leaders Board at World Energy Council supervising international taskforces on various energy issues.

Dr. Alshammari along with Global Future Energy Leaders of World Energy Council